Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3: Still no word

It's been three days out on the trail and still no word from The Crew. Before leaving, the plan was for Harold to check in each day from his satelite phone. With a limited amount of battery, calls could only be about 4 minutes each.

Knowing how prepared Harold and Derek are with a Satelite Phone and SPOT transmitter for emergencies, along with a good amount of know how and wilderness savy eases the mind.

Still, with how cold it has been in the valley for the past few day, along with the generous dumping of snow in the pass last week leads the uninformed mind to wander . . . how are Harold and Derek doing?

We'll of course keep you posted as soon as we get an up date from The Crew.

If they are still on course, they should be camping at Triangle Lake Equestrian camp tonight. Wednesday they'll travel north past Olallie meadow past Lemiti Butte to Lemiti Creek near forest service access road 125.

Derek answers the question, "Why are you doing this?"
Sunday, January 2nd.


  1. It sure would be nice to hear from the guys... I was looking up all the functions of their SPOT II device. It can send out a few basic messages and/or it can send out location data to Google Maps, including a tracking feature. Did the guys set it up to do this? Is there a pre-determined plan in case you don't hear from them after a set amount of days?

  2. Yes, me to. I don't like 'not hearing'. The SPOT II worked last time, but only with a clear view of the sky, a flat surface to set it on, and the ability to leave it there for 15-20 minutes. That's how long it takes to establish sat communication and send the message. The lights tell you what its doing. Same kinda goes for the phone, in that a good, clear view of the sky is needed.
    Their on established Pacific Crest Trails, but maybe with three feet of snow. I'm not the team leader or anything, just the guy doing the techy web stuff, but I too would be more comfortable if some communication were had. I feel like my grandma and want to say, 'Dude... pick up a phone once in a while'. OK, my grandma never says 'Dude', but you get what I'm saying.
    The phone was to call in to our Blog writer.
    The SPOT II was to keep his brother (I think) in the know about where things are.
    We're not getting the phone calls, but I don't have contact info for anyone with the SPOT II receptions.
    If there is anyone tuned into this Blog that is getting confirmation emails from the guy's SPOT II, it would be good that you let us know. Even if that's just a Blog comment here. THANKS.