Wednesday, January 12, 2011

E.S.C.A.P.E EXPOSED: Gear Gallery

Take a look inside E.S.C.A.P.E Survival Challenge. Harold opens his pack to show what it takes to be self-sufficient on a long distant hike over a wintry mountain range. Derek also opens up about his passion for the outdoors.

Five Men to load the pack. One man to carry it over the Cascades.

Self contained catalytic camp stove with pot.

One cup that separates into two - one for food, one for drink, fold up spoon inside. The spoon has an extra long handle to stir food while in the cook pot.

Derek has always been outdoorsy . . .

Spot II satellite transmitter allows adventurers to send a location to support team as well as help/emergency signals to search and rescue teams.

Garmin GPS allows the team to veer off the trail and find their way right back on track. Elevation, mileage, way points, and trail can all be tracked accurately.

A bin full of all the little essentials - journal, knife, suspenders, batteries, etc.

Re-rolled duct tape.

Not just for scaring off raccoons, although it works for that too!

Jacket lined with light weight omni-heat reflective liner, which has the highest heat retention per gram of any liner out there.
Waterproof sealed seams on all outer-layers including jacket and snow pants.
Gators - neoprene socks that go over soft fabric socks while in camp.

Crocodiles - heavy guards that keep the snow and gravel out of boots.

Felt sack Harold stuffs with extra clothes to make a pillow. Harold sewed the Velcro on after the first attempt to keep the stuffing from falling out.

Completely waterproof gear bag that holds extra clothes, bivey sac, sleeping bag, and other gear. The bag then slips into the main cavity of the backpack.

The right undies. So important. Longer leg = less chaffing.

Food! Each meal is contained in one Ziploc sandwich bag. Harold and Derek chose foods that offered the most calories per ounce. Dehydrated soups, beans and rice, and mashed potatoes along with pop tarts and energy bars make up many of the meals.
Lunch and Dinner

Harold's weather-proof sack and backpack.

Derek pulling the self-modified sled on Attempt 1.

Harold's infamous backpack complete with shovel bungee-corded to the back.

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