Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 5: The Boys are Back in Town!

Word is in! Derek's brother-in-law will be meeting the team at Detroit Lake around noon. We have not yet heard from the team directly but look forward to hearing their stories from the trail. We'll keep  you posted as we hear more.


  1. Good to hear... I'm wondering how far the guys had to hike down HWY 46 back towards Detroit Lake? We dropped them off about 1/10th of a mile up NFD 4220, which is 16.6 miles up HWY 46. I assume they caught a ride into town or something? Definitely interested to hear all the details.

  2. I was quite surprised they had gotten back that fast, and that far. It took them three days to get where they decided to turn around, and a day and a half to get back. I know they had to go up hill on the way out, so it stands to reason they were going down hill coming back... but Oi Vay! That was quick. I to want to hear the stories. I'll have to shoot a little video interview with them.